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Homework Help: Atwoods machine Problem.

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    Using this site as a reference: http://hyperphysics.phy-astr.gsu.edu/hbase/atwd.html

    Can somebody show me how to solve this:

    Suppose you dont have a watch, or a timer, and you want to use an Atwood's machine as a timer to give an accurate time interval (for the vertical fall) of t = 10.0s. Suppose the vertical fall, y, is 1.30m. Determine values of M and m which would make t - 10s.

    Some formulas

    a = (2h)/t2
    g= a x ((2M+m)/m)/m
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    Find the acceleration using the formula you have.

    Then set this acceleration = [tex]\frac{M-m}{M+m}*g[/tex] (taking M as the heavier mass and m as the lighter mass of the atwood machine).

    this will only give a relationship between M and m. is there any more information for the problem?
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    nope just that. Im guessing it might be sufficient just to have the relationship

    i'm assuming g= 9.80
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