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Homework Help: Atwoods machine

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    The machine shown in the figure below can be used to give you a good feel
    for forces. Assuming a massless, frictionless pulley and a massless string,
    calculate the magnitude of the acceleration on both bodies and the tension in
    the string T.


    Find the force exerted by the Atwood's machine on the hanger which the
    pulley is attached to while the blocks accelerate. Neglect the mass of the

    The pulley in Atwood machine above is given an upward acceleration a. Find
    the acceleration of each mass and the tension in the string that connects
    them. How can you test your result

    No idea with these questions. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks :smile:
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    No idea is not good enough for help.
    Try to explain what you think MIGHT work, but why you are uncertain about it.
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