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Auction Market Modeling

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    I am currenctly doing a project on the mathematics behid human interaction in the currency market. I am looking for a programmer capable of building a program to run simulations based on mathematical equations and other parameters which I will supply that can mimic a real euro/dollar market place. I would love some feedback concerning which programming language would be the most adequate and also I programmer with a good knowledge of mathematics would be perfect (calculus and statistics).

    Payment can be discussed.
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    The New York Stock Exchange would call the individual your looking for to be one who specializes in Computational Finance. The person would have advanced degrees in Physics, Engineering, or Mathematics. Salaries for the solid performer are very high, 2 to 3 times that of their cohorts who are employed in the traditional fields. It took my nephew about 3 years to become a millionaire via salary and fortuitous investments. He had masters degrees in math and business.
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