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Audi Production Award 2012

  1. Apr 26, 2012 #1
    engineers / scientists / students. Many companies - especially Audi - that put people at the heart of everything are searching for visionary answers to important questions: What training concepts will be required in the production halls of the future? What forms of cooperation will this area require in future? How will people work there? Take part and show us your ideas and concepts for the car manufacturing of the future. The winners will receive the Audi Production Award 2012.

    Those who submit the best concepts will be invited to take part in a 2-day Expert Workshop at Audi in Ingolstadt.

    The finalists can look forward to:
    o the Audi Production Award for the winner
    o total prize money of € 12,500
    o an exclusive insight into Audi’s production process
    o the chance to refine your concept with advice from high-ranking Audi production managers

    Apply now. All further details at http://www.audi.com/production-award
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