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Audible gravity waves

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    Suppose that some process emits gravity waves which are in audible frequency AND are so extremely strong as to be converted into audible sound spontaneously - without any specialized detectors.

    What would they sound like?

    While the pitch is caused by the originating gravity waves, loudness and therefore timbre can be modified by detecting objects.

    Other audible sounds travel at up to a few km/s. But gravitational waves have the property of propagating essentially instantly compared to sound speed. Their absorption in Earth is also negligible compared to their own total amplitude. It follows that all objects around the hearer would be stretched at the same time, in the same direction and with the same acceleration as the hearer.

    How can the characteristic timbre, distribution and polarization effects of gravity wave absorption be identified by an informed but unequipped observer compared to less improbable sources of audible sound like earthquakes, distant explosions etc.?
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    So... How do *deliberate* gravity wave detectors detect them in the first place?
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