B Audible sound range for beats


Maybe this has been pointed out already, but "beats" are not mixing. You need a non-linear process to get an actual difference frequency component, IMO. I suppose if the ultrasonic signals are strong enough to cause some non-linear mixing in the ear, you could hear something. But that also seems a bit dangerous for your hearing...


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I notice, however, that the ear readily produces audible beats, even at low level. It also occurs if the tones are applied to opposite ears, so seems to be in the brain.


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so seems to be in the brain.
Absolutely. Our brains are constantly struggling to get as much information as possible out of our sensory inputs. I'd bet if you looked back to the evolution of our hearing system you would find an advantage in being able to detect sub-sonic variations so we are still able to hear beats (even at very low levels).

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