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Audio caps, what's best?

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    Hey I am training to be an electrical engineer and am working with some audio passive crossovers just to for instance cut out the low frequencies going to a mid-range speaker.
    I want some good "hi-fi" stuff!

    So I know how to calculate the henerys and farads for the caps and inductors but I was wondering...

    The inductors are just copper wire so they shouldn't do much but can capacitors add any kind of distortion to the audio? I know that if I don't have the right capacitance some times it can but if I use the right capacitance for my crossover can there be any distortion? Similarly to using resistors in series with your audio lines, slight fuz or change in audio quality.

    Is there a specific type or brand that will work better?
    I always see people use electrolyic caps so I assume that's what I want and not like tantalum caps or something.
    Or is it just a matter of having the right capacitance, good tolerance, voltage, and bipolarness?
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