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Audio chip suggestions

  1. Jun 28, 2013 #1
    Hey guys,

    I am sure I am going to get some of the same guys on my last thread so, hey!
    I love the 20watt audio circuit with the lm1875 and will eventually pcb it for sure!
    This is another audio questions, but not like last time.

    So I want to make a small portable radio/boom box. I mean to emphasize "small."
    I am going to add in an FM circuit with the tda7000 which I have had luck in the past with when I made an fm radio with speaker & headphone jack inside an Altoids can.
    So for the amp I want a "relatively" high output. But not because I want it lound but because if I run a powerful amp not too loudely I can get great quallity.
    So are there any amps you guys recemend that will work at 9v putting out maybe 5-10 watts?
    I am going to do it all stereo and I don't mind doubling up on a mono chip to do so.
    I have been looking at the tda2003, what do you guys think? 9v is running a bit close to minimum vcc but I saw that it was done successfully.
    I thought the tea2025 would be perfect but that darn thing isn't working!
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    I've been using the TPA3118 for some personal projects that sound somewhat similar to yours. Its a great sounding amp and TI has eval boards and gerbers available for these chips.

    Looks like the TPA3130 might have the specs you're looking for


    Assuming you're open to using Class D amps of course
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    I appreciate the suggestion, but i'm not really looking for a HI-Fi surface mount class D amp though, This whole thing is going to be a small probably all analog radio, i'm still in the planning area though.

    Also, I want to have adjustable bass and treble, I know it is better quality if you do this before the amp, but this is what I was thinking:

    (focusing on only one side for now) I am going to have a 2-way crossover going to a small speaker for the highs, and a larger "mini woofer" for the lows,these speakers are in parallel. I had the idea of useing 2 potenciometers one in seriece with each speaker. so then if my crossover is set to 1000hz then I can adjust everything above and bellow 1khz separately.

    I tried on my breadboard and it worked fairly, although I don't have the correct pots. Is there a better way of doing this?
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