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Audio Learning

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    Hi, I'm an engineering major. I began my college years with a substandard understanding of math. I am now taking Calculus 3 and Differential Equations this semester. I have made average grades up to this point and I am actually improving in that respect. Hopefully I'll come out with an A and B this semester, respectively.

    My question is, are there any good sources of higher math learning that are audio based? I'd like to review what I've learned in my past calculus classes as well as cover the material I'm learning now. (I realize that this is not higher math to a mathematician, but to a lowly engineer it is.)

    I ask this because I spend a great deal of time consuming audio entertainment and edification throughout the week. I realize that this won't be ideal for covering the nitty gritty specifics of solving equations. However since I still don't feel like I fully grasped all that was taught I'd like an easy way to think over it.
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    Do you mean only audio based or something else? I'm sure there are video lectures out there which deal with various math subjects. It's not clear to me how one can expect to follow a complex mathematical derivation or discussion without seeing the math written out.

    I don't quite see what this has to do with anything, except it might be the reason why your math grades are "average". Spend less time consuming audio entertainment and edification, and more time studying. That's how you get a better understanding of your coursework. Once you graduate, you can consume 24/7/365, if circumstances permit.
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    I listen to these things while I drive, exercise, or do work that otherwise occupies my hands and eyes, but not my mind. That's why this would be a good time to slot this in. I understand that this is a very niche thing. I'm simply trying to find if anyone knows of something like it.
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    Listening to a statement of steps in a process, maybe. You need to visualize what you hear or what you listen to will be mostly meaningless.
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