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Audio system setup -- Basic guide

  1. Dec 21, 2015 #1
    Can someone help me with this system. I need some basic guide what is going into what to make all of them work.

    CommunityVERIS V2-210S Subwoofer - 1
    BLU50 (4x4 Signal processor) - 1
    EC-4BV-BLK-US - Ethernet Controller 4 Buttons and Volume - 1
    XLC2500 - power amp - 1
    Cable,CAT5E 8P8C-8P8C Blk 150`
 - 1
    Bodyback wireless system - 1
    Fitness Headset Condenser Microphone - 2
    Power conditioner - 1
    And 4 of this speakers...

    I just need basic guide for what is going before other.

    Thanks in advance ;)

    PS. If you help me with this problem i will donate to helper or to this website. :)
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    well a great place to start would be for YOU to read all the installation manuals for each unit
    99.9% of the info you need to know will be in those manuals :smile:

    After doing that, THEN if there are things you are not sure about
    give links to the manuals and state specifically what you don't understand

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    This really seems like a random collection of things that do not belong together. The only thing that is safe to say is that the speakers and the subwoofer should be connected to the power amplifier.
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    It looks like you have inherited a garage full of Audio gear and you want to connect it up (?)
    What do you actually want to do with this equipment? For many applications you can chuck some of the units and buy some extra stuff.
    But the first rule of Engineering (This Forum) is to define your requirement.
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