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Augmented Matrices

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    Before anyone comments, the template which you provide does not appear in the writing box for some reason...thus, I'll have to write out my question differently!

    When a 3 by 3 matrix is in echelon form, what does it mean when the last row has two zeros on the far right side and two real numbers on the other side so that it looks like this: 0 0 1|3
    I know when the entire row consists of zeros, the unknowns have no solutions, when there is one realy number and the answer is zero the matrix has infinitely many solutions....I'm guessing the above implies that the matrix has one unique solution? right?
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    Note that the zeros are on the *left* hand side of the row!

    Anyway, yes there is one solution, namely z=3 (supposing you are using coordinates x,y,z, that is!)
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    oops, human error! Thank you Cristo. Had to clarify...
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    Are you using the Nexus skin? If this is the case, the template won't show up because it hasn't been implemented in that skin yet.
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