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Australia (the movie)

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    Warning: If you haven't seen the film, but intend to, then you probably should see it before reading this.

    For scenery, this movie is the most beautiful movie I have seen since Dr. Zhivago. As with that movie, there are several stories to be told so it lasts a while. The stories are tied together by the story of Nullah, the child of an aborigine woman and a white man. A boy torn between two worlds and with no story, no dream, and no real home. Yet.

    The story is not about "The Wizard of Oz", as you might think, but rather about the "wizard" of Oz. Not about how Dorothy got home (though that's where she ended up), but about how the wizard did. He had to go by way of Never-never land, because that's the place where dreams are born. Pay careful attention to the lion, the scarecrow, the tin man, and Dorothy all behind the curtain.
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    Now that's a strong endorsement. Dr. Zhivago is one of my favorite movies.

    So, jimmy, I think you're now the official PF movie critic.
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    I call 'em like I see 'em. My wife informs me that we will be watching more movies in the future. I think we saw about 10 in 20 years of marriage, 2 in the past two weekends. Ben Button is next on our list.
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    I'll put that one on my Must See list. I heard its a bit of a love story also.
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    I loved it!
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    I agree with movie critic Roger Ebert - it's like "Gone With the Wind" - as opposed to Dr. Zhivago. I'm glad Hugh Jackman starred as opposed to Russell Crowe.

    I enjoyed it, but parts seem to drag on (~2:45). I miss the land very much sometimes.

    The scenery - out in the bush is stunning.

    I was pleased to see performances by David Gulpilil and David Ngoombujarra, and would have liked to have seen more of them.

    I have to see 10 Canoes (Ten Canoes).
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