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News Australia to redraw troops from Iraq if

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    CANBERRA, June 13 (Xinhuanet) -- US Secretary of State Colin Powell said Sunday that it would be a political disaster if Australian troops were taken out of Iraq.

    Quotes from: [PLAIN]http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2004-06/13/content_1523255.htm[/URL] [Broken]

    Powell was echoing US President George W Bush's criticism on Australian Labor Party leader Mark Latham's policy that Australian troops would withdraw from Iraq by Christmas if Labor wins the federal election later this year.

    Latham's call for an early troops withdrawal from Iraq came at a time when the US-led coalition forces faced repeated terrorist attacks and harsh criticism for the abuse of Iraqi prisoners by the US troops.

    But the Australian government has insisted that the troops would only be withdrawn when the job is done.

    "It would be disastrous for Australia to say, 'Well, we see this international consensus, we see this new resolution but we are going to head for the door'," Powell told Australian Broadcasting Corporation radio.

    "I don't think that's the Australia that I have known and respected for so many decades."

    End of quotes.

    Now that feeling of Powell is in fact exactly the feeling many non-Americans have about USA on Iraq, Middle-East and World hegemony: "I don't think that's the USA that I have known and respected for so many decades."
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    Poor Iraqi people - no one gives a damn about them.
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    Ain't that the truth. We're on their side on paper but as soon as we can get out of there it'll be goodbye and good luck.
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    The actual situation here is this: 1) Latham tells the Australian people he will withdraw Australian troops from Iraq if he wins; 2) He then tells the USA "I only meant I would withdraw some of them!"

    As I've said before, John Howard has been caught lying many times. He sent our troops into an illegal war without any consultation of the Australian people of government. He is the first PM ever to recieve a vote of no confidence. He also raised taxes a lot. He's crap. However, on the other hand, Mark Latham is just another politician, so he'll probably do the same. And yes, in our crappy political system, no matter who votes for whom, we basically end up with one of two candidates in the top seat.
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