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Australia vs Japan

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    And Australia makes an incredible comeback with 3 goals in the last 6 minutes!

    I nearly had my point for Japan in the book.:frown:

    The shot totals probably tell the story. Japan and Australia had about the same number of shots in the first half. With a 1-0 lead, Japan had almost nothing the second half. Maybe they sat on that lead a little too much.
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    Yes, it is unbelieveable. I didn't see the second half assuming Japan to perform well, but 3-1 is terrific!! I lost the first bet today. :cry:
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    I saw only the second half (probably 3/4ths of it), and I'm glad I did. Maybe it was just an extreme case of Beginner's luck. :tongue2:
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    :cry:hup :cry: hup:cry:
    I thought....oh no, it's such a pain I can't continue to pour all of my deep emotion all over a messige like this..
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    Wow! Talk about missing the call. Check out the video on Japan's goal: Japan goal

    Number 11 hits the keeper as he's about to go up and 9 comes in even harder to eliminate any chance of reaching the ball.

    That's the first blown call with any impact. Supposedly, the ref also missed a PK foul by Cahill bad enough to warrant Cahill's second caution. That turned out to have an even bigger impact. Japan loses a goal and Cahill goes on to score two.
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    Three hurrahs for the socceroos! Turn the "Waltzing Matilda" up!

    It's becoming apparent that the japanese will have to include Captain Tsubasa in their squad in order to do something worthy in a World cup

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