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Authority of internationally recognized states

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    Do you consider internationally recognised states as legitimate authority? If so, why? If not, why not?

    Do you consider any other bunch of individuals legitimate authorities? If so, why? If not, why not?

    What exactly does it take for some group of people to be recognised, by you, as having authority over you?

    A recognised state usually has police, an army, and mountains of paperwork which you accept as part of your life. Why is such an organisation more legitimate than, for example, a bunch of guys running around in the jungles of Borneo with guns and a leader? Or is it? Is it merely that one has a larger rate of acceptance as authority?
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    Ill let some group have authority(over me) so long as they demonstrate, on-average, positive (and moral) agendas and actions that show their reasoning and logic lead to advancement in efficiency, productivity, well-being, and satisfaction.
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    bottom line the only authority you must obey is yourself. i know that's easier said then done. but,

    if i belong to this forum, i grant them the authority to set the rules in exchange for the benefit of having the forum. if, at any time, i felt that i would be compromized, i would raise the issue in a calm, non-confrontational manner, and if i didn't like the result (compromize) i would leave the list. incidentally, i have done that at yahoo group when the list moderator would not accept ideas about freewill.

    we also have the same with all areas of our lives, more or less. yes, we grant the police authority over us as a convience for social order. if, however, i found this moving toward a police state, i would have to take action. my sanity, self-respect, and freedom are more important than the order the the police state would provide.

    whether in the wild jungles or city jungles, the same equation exists.

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