Autistic Einstein?

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  2. He is just great !

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  3. speaking of Einstein, how come i don't know what he sounds like? his image is ubiquitous in our culture, but he is always silent.
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  5. He shpoke a lot auf German, und Ingles vas not his forte?
  6. he has a developmental disorder? :confused:
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  7. Somehow I'm not shocked that someone so mathematically minded would be limited in areas of social expression, but I wonder if you can conclude that this is autism spectrum, or unique to a certain level of genius?

    Certainly the performance given goes beyond mere savant behavior.
  8. thanks!

    still, you would expect more. kissinger sounds funny too, but i know what he sounds like. einstein was a rock star in his day, he even met marilyn monroe. you'd expect at least a few lectures on tape, something.
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  9. From what I've read (Manjti Kumar talks about this) Einstein was not much of a lecturer, very informal an likeable, but, "often unprepared, making frequent errors." although he would ask his class to correct him graciously.

    Who knows... the man was a unique kind of genius, maybe language just wasn't his forte, or maybe he had no interest? I truly don't know, but until you mentioned it I'd known about his reticence, but never considered it in the context of, "wow, I've never HEARD the man!"
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  11. Boring!!!

    I want to play NHL 2012!!!
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  12. Another Prodigy (physics)

    Yeah... it seems like there is another prodigy. I don't know how smart he actually is. I would imagine some is just media hype but he obviously knows his stuff.

    It would be cool for someone to do a study on kids that are labeled as a "prodigy". Then track their lives and see what actually happens to them. I wonder if there would be any correlation between future success and what field the prodigy works in (are physics prodigies more likely to develop than musical ones, or vice versa). Also, what would be the affect of family life: if you do not encourage they may not reach their potential, but over-encouragement leads to burnout.
  13. Re: Another Prodigy (physics)

    All of these child prodigies is all well and good, but I've never heard of them again.

    I watched a show a few years back that was going to "track their progress in the coming years" and it showed up once again - with a somewhat different 'cast' of children - and that was it.

    I think they're pushed too hard, never get to have a childhood, and then burnout (possibly even down to the eventual freedom that is granted at college / university).
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    Re: Another Prodigy (physics)

    An extraordinary kid like him should be given what he needs to achieve his potential, but I doubt splashing around in the media will help him do so.

    Impressive kid, though.
  15. Re: Another Prodigy (physics)

    he may get bored with it in a few years and go into horticulture
  16. Re: Another Prodigy (physics)

    What is more interesting in horticulture?

    (Personally, I have always found a CEO life more interesting than a prodigy life, not for their money but their execution skills .. never really wondered what a prodigy do with his life)
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  18. Re: Another Prodigy (physics)

    it will all be completely new. at the rate he's going, he'll have conquered the math and physics in a few years.
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