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Auto-bot connection

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    Hey, how can we connect two auto-bots(one line follower & other follows the path of the other in another plane) by wires? Is it possible two program the line follower such that it will send signal to another through wires, to start the motor of the other? how is it possible?
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    attach a rigid rod to them?

    or use some kind of broadcasting system. when an actuator gets activated, the corresponding actuator on the slave robot gets activated.

    what platform are you using?
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    Two planes of glass...one is above the other ...nearly 1 mtr above..... so we can't attach rods... do you know any types of such broadcasting system?
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    there's lots of systems. what do you have access to? what's in your robot right now? what's your budget?
    bluetooth? rfid?
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    Bluetooth or rfid will be pretty costly... i want to access the two auto-bots in such a manner that the line follower will follow its line and correspondingly the other will be in motion... if line following bot stops....the other will also stop... Can't be it done manually? Or do you know any cheap broadcasting devices to get connection between them?
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    unless you give some specifics, I can't tell you anything besides follow the engineering design loop.
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    obvsly...i can make the line follower and other auto bot... i just wanted to know if there is any process to connect the line follower with another auto-bot (either manual or wireless).. if yes, how will it be possible.. What more specification do you want?
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    My budget is near about 3000 rupees...ie, 60 dollars
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    ok, if you aren't going to cooperate, then i'm not holding your hand through the engineering design loop.
    do your own research
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