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Stargazing Auto-guiding suggestions

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    So, I have a persistent problem when trying to use auto-guiding. The telescope likes to oscillate back and forth in DEC and sometimes in RA. I originally assumed my mount just wasn't very good but after upgrading to a celestron CGEM, the problem is still there, although not as bad.

    The guider is an off-axis guider so I don't think it is a flexure issue. I use TheSkyX for guiding and imaging. I'm imaging at a somewhat long focal length of 1.4m, but I would still expect the auto-guiding to not smear the stars around. I also try to make sure my alignment is good before imaging by performing a drift alignment procedure.

    I have tried to use the antibacklash controls on my mount and TheSkyX but it doesn't seem to help much. Has anyone else dealt with such problems and have any advice for improvements I can make?
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    I have an autoguiding problem that is probably flexure, but still might be able to help...

    I have an Orion Atlas and am currently guiding with an Orion ED80/DMK and imaging with an ES127/DSI.

    Taking a whack at it, I'm going to guess you are trying to fight fire with fire and have your responsiveness settings too high. Try restoring defaults or slowing everything down (except maybe guide camera exposure rate: 2-5 per second). If that doesn't work, try PHD Guiding. It gives me great results on a mount inferior to yours.
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    Ok, I'll look into adjusting those.
    Yes, I usually expose at a rate of 4 seconds.
    I used PHD guiding with my old mount and upgraded to TheSkyX because it seemed to do a better job but maybe with the new mount, PHD will perform better. Thanks for the advice.
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