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Auto n aero design

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    hey...i deeply interested in auto n aero desinging....if ne one could help me out...plz plz plz do...i m rt doing my enggineering 1st yr in mechanical....u can directly mail me at manpreet36@gmail.com
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    Feel free to post any specific problems here...
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    auto n aero designs

    hey....i m deeply interested in auto n aero designing..but i dont u
    know how to start...i m rt now doing my engineering 1st in
    mechanical...i wanna know wat software n books can i refer...n how to
    work on it...plz plz plz help me....ne one can directly contact me at manpreet36@gmail.com
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    well....if ne one could help me out on wat kind of softwares i can work..as well as wat books to refer....plz help me out
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    hey help me out engineers or ne one...i m really rearing to go...i hust need a lilltle push..come on plz
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    First, let's start with completel sentences. Then maybe tell us what you'd like to do, where you are now. What exactly is your question?
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    Tom Mattson

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    I've merged the two threads into one. Mans, please post your topic only once.

    Thank you.
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    If you're only in your first year of an engineering degree, you have plenty of time to sit back and weigh up the options. A mechanical engineering degree is very broad and diverse, you can use it for all sorts of things. If you want to design cars or planes, go for it.
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    help me

    i am working on designing a car and started working on few softwares as well like maya,blender,solidworks..if there is any other software or book which you thing may be helpful to me please let me..u can mail me at manpreet36@gmail.com..if you can help me in any case...please do so
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    During my studies, I have found the following pieces of software essential to my course. You may find these useful, I suggest you become proficient in them all.

    Pro Engineer

    Generally, when posting on a message board, the tradition is to post your question and wait for an answer, and then acknowledge it. Pestering usually makes others less inclined to help!

    Good luck with your course.
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    thaxs for ur advice brewnog...actually i m new to the forums so i m not dat much used to all this....ne ways...hope u will b there to help me out wen ever i need some help
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