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Auto Swith-On

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    Is there a way to set my computer auto switch on at certain time?
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    no, I don't think so
    but there an auto-shutdown software!
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    magic packets can also do this
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    My computer's bios has some settings that would allow you to do that.

    Also I wrote a simple batch file that shuts down my computer at a scheduled time using "Scheduled Tasks". The same way you can run a simple task and check the box in the settings that says "Wake the computer to run this task".
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    There's also a special piece of hardware...can't remember the name right now...but we use it on the school network to update all the computers during the night. Kinda scary when at 3 am they all boot up at the same time...
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    Wake on LAN. http://gsd.di.uminho.pt/jpo/software/wakeonlan/mini-howto/wol-mini-howto-2.html#ss2.1 [Broken]

    Nothing special now-a-days. Your NIC simply listens for a wake up call over the net.
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