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AutoCAd 2000 table creating

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    Anyone please help me out to create a table by AutoCAD 2000. Thank you very much!

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    Tables don't create themselves. You do it manually. What exactly are you looking for?
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    I am doing it manually. It doesn't look professional, and it takes longer to add or delete cells, rows, or columns.
    I want to create a table just like spreadsheet so that I can edit easily. Thanks

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    You can't - but you can insert an Excel spreadsheet.
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    Unfortunately, AutoCAD does not have any table creation tool. You have to do it manually. It's not terribly difficult to do. I would recommend that you keep your polar snaps on to keep the lines vertical and horizontal and use the multi-line text tool to keep the text in a single cell.

    Make the first row of table blocks and then simply copy-multiple of the row as many times as you need.

    Or, like Russ said, AutoCAD supports OLE so you can directly insert an Excel spreadsheet. I have never had too good of luck making this look right, but it's another option.
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    Thank you all! I used to do exactly as you said, but I saw someone uses Solidwork with table fucntionally works as spreadsheet. I couldn't believe AutoCAD dosn't support this fucntion, so I am curious.

    Again, thanks.
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    AutoCAD has it's definite drawbacks, especially in the eyes of an "automated" age that wants pretty shaded pictures. AutoCAD does have a lot of pluses, but it does make me wonder some times why they don't include certain functionalities that would make it a bit more user friendly and time efficient. Your table question is a great point. Why not include a small routine that allows you to create a table without having to manually draw the lines and add text yourself? I will say that Pro-E is nice when you do an assembly....BAM! There's your bill of materials and a nice table. It also spits out all of the detail balloons based on your table.
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