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Autocad 2010 question

  1. Jun 28, 2009 #1
    I am trying to save my file as a bitmap image to show for an interview just in case the dwg file won't open. I am using the bmpout command, but every time I try, the top of the picture is cropped out of the image. Any remedies to this? Thanks
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    I haven't used AutoCad since 2000, but have you made sure you are printing the extents of the drawing? Have you tried printing to a window area?

    Another thing I do is use a secondary print technique like these:

    1) Turn your background to white. Select all of the entities in the entire area you want to print. Open up Powerpoint and paste the clipboard in there. It will now be editable and you can right click and save as a picture. It works very well for presentations.

    2) Use a secondary printer driver. I use PDFCreator. It has an option to print to PDF and JPGs. It works very well also.
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