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AutoCAD books

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    I have had a couple of CAD classes, but that was 3 yr. ago using AutoCAD 14.
    I have recently borrowed a copy of AutoCAD 2004 and i have noticed that, from what i can remember, a lot of the menues and where they lead have changed. My question is what are the better books for re-learning AutoCAD especially version 2004. May be even ones that would teach me something new. My biggest problem is remembering how to set up a 4 view system with a front, top, side, and an Iso. view with out screwing up my boarder. But anyway, advice on books would be great.
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    I'd have to recommend Autocad 2004: A Problem Solving Approach by Sham Tickoo. I used that book in my Engineering Drawing class last year and it explains everything from the basics to advanced 3D drawing.
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