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AutoCAD Lisp Problem

  1. Jul 24, 2012 #1
    Hey folks. Question. Mostly about input/output in Lisp.

    At work, we have thousands of old AutoCAD files that were never named properly, and thus can't be searched properly by AutoCAD Vault. The title information (drawing headers, authors, dates, etc) of all these files are currently stored in an excel file, rather than in their respective dwg files. I want to figure out some way to have a program (presumably written in Lisp, since that's the language CAD uses) take input from an excel spreadsheet (or CSV file), open up CAD dwg files, and transfer each title block into its respective CAD file.

    First question: is this easy enough that I could accomplish it with minimal working knowledge of lisp?

    Second question: can a lisp routine read an AutoCAD file without actually opening up the GUI? If so, how?

    Third question: can the same task be accomplished using Python, or some other language?
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    I don't have a ready answer, but I would start by searching for some kind of CAD API....it may have to be commercial, since CAD is not open source, but who knows, maybe there is something you can download for free for one time use.
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