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Autocad or revit

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    i am a second year civil engineering student, ideally i want to go into structural design, this summer i need to choose between doing an autocad course and a revit course as i cannot manage them both,
    i know autocad is what architects use, what exactly is revit, what is the difference and which would you recommend me doing.
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    I don't know Revit, but I'm a more than adept AutoCAD user. AutoCAD can be used for any type of design. I've drafted electrical designs, sanitary designs, structural designs, earthworks maps, road designs, etc... You name it. It's a very complete tool.
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    I'd probably stick with CAD. I don't have much experience with revit but from what I understand, its decent if you need to draw up floor plans or other things like that quickly. I think CAD is more of a versatile tool that has wider applications and uses than revit.
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    Revit is for Building Information Modeling (BIM). It's very specialized and I'm surprised they would offer it to a second year student without any CAD experience.
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