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Automated backup of files

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    I want to write a script that will automatically backup my documents to a remote computer. I have a lot (~500 MB) of files, so I only want the files to be backed up when a newer version exists.

    Short version of the question: how do I read a single line from a text file using bash?

    Long version of the question:
    Here is the plan for the script....

    ssh remoteComputer # connect to remote comp
    find ~/Documents * > files.txt #find all files in documents and write to files.txt
    fileLength = (number of lines if files.txt)
    while [line -lte fileLength]
    (put filename at the lineth line to the string fileName)
    if fileName -nt remoteComputer:~/Documents/fileName
    #go through all files and
    #check to see if remoteComputer has the
    #latest version of this file already
    scp line to remoteComputer
    #if so, update file
    exit #leave ssh session

    The exact implementation is what I need help on. If I could read files.txt line by line this would be very easy, but I can't figure it out!
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    You should look at rsync, it not only does this but can copy just the parts of files that have changed.
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    That's just too easy! Thanks mgb_phys!
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