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Automated marking of panels after certain amount of production

  1. Nov 23, 2011 #1
    I am in need of a system that will automatically place some kind of mark onto a car panel after a certain amount have been produced.
    For example :- After the panel has been pressed it leaves on a conveyor to be put into racks or boxes by an operator. In this case the boxes are only to contain 19 panels. Operators are checking the panels for defects and may have breaks where boxes are not full so could struggle to remember how many have been packed. Therefore an automated system of counting how many panels are being produced (could use the press stokes counter) and a system that places a pen mark or an indicator to the operator to show where the pack should end.
    The system needs to be adaptable to different amounts of panels, some may pack 19 in a box whereas others maybe 25.
    Does anyone have any ideas of how such a system could be made or of any that are on the market?
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