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Automated Tapping Device

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    I am looking for some device that can emulate someone tapping with a wrench every 20 minutes.

    More specifically, I have noticed that in my application, my flowmeters (rotameters) are dropping over time. As a workaround I have been able to tap them with a wrench every 20 to 30 minutes, this causes the rotameters to rise back up to their original flow rate reading. The fluid in this case is chilled city water.

    The device I am looking for must be small and not take too much space.

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    Welcome to the PF.

    If you replace one of the problematic rotameters, does the problem at that location go away? How many of them do you need to replace so that this temporary tapping work-around is no longer needed? :smile:
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    Well I haven't heard of that problem for a long time ! Years ago when most process gauging was mechanical the gauges often got stuck or drifted away from the true reading and had to be 'reset' by tapping .

    As Berkeman suggests solving the actual problem of why your rotameters malfunction is the best way to go .

    If you actually want a tapper then the well known solenoid and bell clapper will do what you want . Simple stand alone timer or drive from a nearby PC .

    Just for interest - the solenoid and bell clapper in miniature form was used as a decoherer in very early radio receivers .
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    I had to look that one up! :smile:
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