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Automatic diving watch problem

  1. Feb 15, 2016 #1
    I wondered,
    If I have an automatic diving watch that is designed to withstand, say 20 atmospheres of water pressure, is it safe to swim with it?
    When you dive, you do not hit the water as hard and with so many repetitions as you do while swimming.
    Do you think it is safe for the automatic movement? because when swimming, you're not going to create 20 atm of pressure. But maybe, even though the watch can withstand 20 atmospheres of water pressure, the movement might break due to the different dynamics of constant hitting it while swimming (Butterfly, Freestyle and so on..)

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    You'd want a shock-proof watch, rather than a waterproof watch.

    But if you have a dive watch, it will be strong enough to withstand swimming.
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