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Automatic Light Dimmer

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    Hey everybody!!....i want to do an experiment at my house!, i want to do an Automatic Light Dimmer!!.....that regulates itself with the ambient light, i want to automatize ten(10) 120VAC light bulbs!!........the circuit that i have, i got i from "Home Remote Control & Automation Projects" by Delton Horn but i Cant do it because it uses a X9503 digital potenciometer!!.....the problem is that here in venezuela they dont sell it!!.....so does anyone has a Schematic that could pass me??.....i havent been able to find a circuit over internet.....thanks a lot!!
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    I know nothing about electronics. Since you have internet, though, have you tried to purchase the required component on-line?
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    I cant buy it over internet cause our MF commie president in venezuela has got the country under a trade Control!!......to buy stuff over the internet you got to do a super long Burocratic process that will take me several months.......

    i have that schematic but miss the component.......and over the internet i cant find an Automatic light Dimmer....that varies the light intensity inversly proportional to the ambient light.....does anyone has an schematic that could pass me please!!.....thanks a lot!!....
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