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Automatic Wake-Up

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    Hello. I'll try to describe a strange phenomenon I look on a PC. My recent PC is temporarily out of order and sent to repair. So I use my old PC ( 300 MHz Win-2000 ) and what happens ... Although I correctly stop this PC in the evening, during the night it starts alone without any human intervention. This situation happened during two consecutive nights ? I must also precise that this PC is connected to Internet. Can someone explain what happens ?
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    When you say "stop", I assume you mean a complete "shutdown"? Or was it put on "sleep" mode?
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    Wake on lan in the bios.
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    Thanks for replies. Yes it is a complete shutdown. There is no LAN connected. I've checked in BIOS all wake-up , power-on ... are disabled !
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    If I understand correctly, you're leaving it connected to the internet so maybe this is what's going on?

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    Many thanks for reply. This link is really interesting. I tested modification of power management under XP unfortunately this parameter doesn't exist with Win2000.
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