Automatically OCR PDF files

  1. Can anyone recommend a method to have all pdf files in a given folder automatically OCR?

    My scanner saves files as pdf, but I would like them to be searchable.

    Thanks in advance.
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  3. It would help to know what operating system you are using. Mac OS X or Linux?

    Adobe Acrobat will do what you want.
  4. I have computers running windows and linux, a method for either would be fine, preferably a free option.
  5. There's several OCR options available to you to use. I did a Google Search for 'linux ocr pdf' and this was the first hit on the list

    you can write a small script with a for loop that will go through the contents of a directory and ocr all the pdf files if the program doesn't have flags that allow you to do multiple pdfs at the same time.
  6. Sorry, I +thought+ I had relied to this days ago. It seems the way to go is "tesseract"
    It has it's own GUI but there are other 3rd party GUIs or you can run it from the command line or script
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