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Automatically save word document?

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    Hello all. My father is rather new to using computers and he primarilly uses his to type Word documents. His computer just turns off automatically sometimes (it is not a new computer), and when this happens he losses his work. I am trying to teach him to save about every five minutes, but he forgets to sometimes, and he losses hours of work. Is there some type of program that automatically saves his work like every minute or something like that? Is there some way to get Word to do this? Any help is greatly apreciated.
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    What version of windows is he using? It might be that he has some type of virus or a worm is attacking his computer.

    You can set the autorecovery time in word by doing: Tools>Options
    Then click on the save tab and check the Save Autorecover info every.

    I found the information here:

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