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Homework Help: Automobile Airbags

  1. Sep 18, 2009 #1
    The human body can survive an acceleration trauma incident ( sudden stop) if the magnitude of the acceleration is less than If you are in an automobile accident with an initial speed of and you are stopped by an airbag that inflates from the dashboard, over what distance must the airbag stop you for you to survive the crash? please help I been trying to solve this problem for ever now.
    Thank you
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    Did you ask us because you know the answer already and want to make some quizzies?

    No offense!
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    no, I just don't know the answer:cry:
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    Hi kero! :smile:

    erm :redface: … you're doing it again …

    copying-and-pasting from a webpage won't pick up any LaTeX or gifs …
    you need to type them in separately! :wink:
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