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Homework Help: Automobile chem help

  1. Jul 17, 2009 #1
    I need to review 6 journal articles (approx. 150 words/article) relating to chemistry of the car (any topic). I need a topic which is going to allow me to easily identify the biases of the people who wrote the article, and that will be somewhat controversial, interesting and relevant to our modern world.

    I have been thinking about looking at the pros/cons of different types of fuels e.g. petroleum vs diesel vs LPG. I was thinking that comparing hybrid cars to petrol cars may be a good topic, as there will probably be some bias on both sides.

    In essence, I need a topic with enough substantial chemistry to evaluate using chemistry terminology, whilst at the same time being controversial, interesting, with bias able to be easily (or somewhat easily) identified.

    I will greatly appreciate any suggestions for good topics I should consider, as well as any advice as to how to approach such a task.

    Thanks in Advance guys.
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    The chemicals use in air conditioning in cars are controversial, I think.

    The chemistries of the various new battery technologies used in hybrid and electric cars may have some controversial issues. I know that in EMS, we are quite concerned about auto accidents with these types of cars. We're pretty used to working with leaking gasoline, oil, etc. But lots of battery electrolytes and sparks and high voltages and such are new concerns...
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    What about alternative fuels (hydrogen, ethanol, biodiesel, electric, etc.). There's a lot of controversy about those (costs v. benefits, which one is better, are they better than trying to improve conventional technologies).
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    Air vs nitrogen in tyres.
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