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Homework Help: Automotive light bulbs

  1. Nov 27, 2013 #1

    I'm in 4.th course studying automotive engineering, and there are some things that I REALLY
    need to know about, but I can't find any useful and COMPLETE information about it - I have searched all over the internet, but there has no ENGINEER level information.
    I really need help here from people who knows A LOT about it, so here are the questions (maybe you have some books exactly about it ar something else):

    1.) ALL Automotive light bulb coating materials and compositions (COMPLETE, FULL DESCRIPTION);
    2.) ALL Automotive light bulb construction materials and compositions (COMPLETE, FULL DESCRIPTION);
    3.) ALL Automotive light bulb fill gas compositions (COMPLETE, FULL DESCRIPTION);

    Need info as much as possible!!!

    I would be SOOO thankful, if someone could help me!

    Thank you guys and sorry for my bad english!
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    Seen that the automotive light bulk market is very competitive, it would be surprising if the data you were seeking was in the public domain. The fittings are certainly specified, the composition, coatings, gas mixtures and materials remain tightly held.
    Your best bet might be to see if there is any TUV or SAE testing data available. Also, as a student, you might be able to reach out to one of the suppliers such as Bosch to see whether they would help.
  4. Nov 27, 2013 #3
    Yeah, that's a bit problem, that there's practically no precise information on these questions available. I was thinking earlier about contacting to automotive bulb manufacturers, but then decided not to - i mean c'mon, as you mentioned before, why would they give me any info, even if I'm a student - there are many reasons why they would not do that.

    I have compiled (about 50 pages till now) main information about these three topics out of all the info I could find in various books, documents, patents and internet, basically studied-through 100+ documents, and still could'nt find ALL I need.

    But anyway big thanks for response, I appreciate that.
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