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Autonomous Learning

  1. Aug 21, 2014 #1
    Hello, as many of you may be aware, instructors often provide different coverage for the same course. For reasons I will not get into here, I have only a couple of days to prepare for examination in a class that I did not take but to which I have transferred from an equivalent class elsewhere (secondary school level physics). As far as I can tell from the study guide, my previous instruction did not cover any of the sound/light components, specifically:

    -interpreting a standard diagram of a transverse wave
    -diagram of refraction using a ray of light and critical angle analysis
    -diagram of either a lens or a mirror with the key terms, drawing rays and finding the image, lens makers equation
    -sound and its key terms, the speed of sound, beats, resonance lengths in both open and closed air columns...
    -standing waves involving diagram, labeling and some analysis involving speed, frequency and wavelength, qualitative questions about overtones and harmonics
    -sound involving tuning forks, beats and tuning an instrument, characteristics which distinguish one sound from another
    -the doppler effect and infra and ultrasonic sounds

    I believe we were assigned different textbooks as well, but I do not have access to this other text. As this is highly time sensitive, quite frankly any guidance pertaining to self-study material covering the above would be very, very gratefully accepted. Please accept my sincere thanks, and I hope I am posting to the correct section of the forum. :(
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    Your best bet might be a Schaums Outline that covers these areas at the level you indicated:






    I like the third one as it is very comprehensive, used in highschool but requires some understanding of Calculus.

    from there you must read and attempt the problems and if you have difficulties then you can post it here for help. Please be aware that PF is not a timely resource and that sometimes no one may respond for a while if at all.

    I would also strongly suggest finding a tutor who can guide you through the material as quickly as possible. Most tutors make no guarantees that you will pass any exam especially on such short notice but they will certainly help you past any conceptual difficulties you may encounter.
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    Thank you jedishrfu for your very kind advice, you've saved a life! Tutoring is a great resource and one I had not yet considered. I will be in touch with someone straight away. :)
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