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Maple Autonomous system

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    Hi guys

    I have 5 term which each term includes three function of time (autonomous system ), i want to obtain time derivative of each term as other terms for example if i define each term as a dimensionless variable , e.g. x , y , z , v , w , i want to know dx/dt = as a combination of x , y , z , v , w.

    In maple or mathematica or matlab is there any way to do it ?

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    in matlab it requires the symbolic toolbox (which you have to pay extra for). I'm pretty sure mathematica comes automatically with symbolic math functions. No idea about maple.
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    try typing this:


    into here:


    for a taste of mathematica
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    Mathcad also has symbolic differentiation and can do numeric differentiation if that would be better suited to your purpose.
    Can you give an example of a couple of your terms?
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    1=ρ/3 H^2+x1+x2+x3+x4+x5

    x1=ρ λ f/6 H^2
    x2=-ρ λ f' R/6 H^2
    x3=λ f" ρ R`/H
    x4=3 λ f' ρ
    x5=ρ^2 λ f' / 3 H^2

    where H=a`(t) /a(t)




    λ Constant
    f' = the first derivative wrt R
    f"= the second derivative wrt R
    R`=the first derivative wrt t
    a`=the first derivative wrt t

    I want each term derivation wrt to time expressed as other terms(x1 , x2 , ...) or at least have a Coefficient as R and f ( with its derivations wrt to R ) .
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    i don't know with what command i can do this !
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