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Auxins experiment Thanks

  1. May 10, 2008 #1
    auxins experiment Thanks :)

    What would you expect to happen when you removed the meristem from 10 coleptiles, then placed five in water and the other five in auxin concentration of (2mg/ml)?

    What would you notice about the number of cells for each section?
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    Welcome rosie to PF forums!! If you have not already taken a look around, take some time to do so. You will notice there a lot of interesting and informative discussions and knowledgeable folks here who can help guide you through questions and discussion.

    Your question about auxins is very interesting.. It looks like homework.. If so, it belongs under another topic on the forum .. here

    Once there, I recommend reading through this sticky. It helps clarify how to go about posting queries. If you like we can have this auxin post moved there.
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