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Avatar: Classic Imax vs. Multiplex Imax

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    I happened to trip across a piece on information that there are two very different kinds of IMAX screens. There are the huge multistory screens that the IMAX Corp. calls Classic IMAX and smaller screens they call Multiplex IMAX. If you go to the IMAX web site and click on the Theatre Type, then it will tell you if it is Classic IMAX or not.

    Some people have other names for multiplex IMAX. Fake IMAX, LIEMAX, Mini-Max and so on. Here is what Roger Ebert wrote about it.
    http://blogs.suntimes.com/ebert/2009/05/thats_not_the_imax_i_grew_up_w.html" [Broken]
    I live in Orlando,FL and here is what a local blogger wrote:

    As it happens, I saw Avatar at Point Orlando, which is a Classic IMAX screen. I thought the experience was pretty immersive. I remember feeling vertigo during some of the flying scenes. I wonder if some of the people that didn't think the Avatar IMAX was any better any better than the Avatar 3d version were actually watching it on a IMAX multiplex screen?
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