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Avatar image compression

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    Hi, is the forum compressing my avatar image? I made a 300x300 avatar, and it is very clear (the original resolution is quite high), but on PF it looks very fuzzy. Is there some compression of the file going on? How can I make it not fuzzy? It annoys me -.-
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    It looks great to me! There is compression. I'll have to check exactly what. Once we connect back with the CDN we might be able to up the quality.
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    It looks fuzzy to me...especially when I click it. T_T

    I hope the quality is upgraded! Let me know if I have to re-upload my avatar once the changes are in place. Thanks! :D
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    Looks to me like the avatars are resized to 96x96. At least that's what I see here (and I don't think they are resized by the browser, most likely they are sent already resized to 96x96).
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