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Ave, Amici

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    Greetings. Professionally, I'm more inclined to the study of man's past than to his physical world - however, as history includes all that was (and, depending on whom you ask, all that will be), I find myself a poor son of Athena; rich in wisdom past, but light in knowledge present. My current interest is in the Alcubierre metric, but not directly related to FTL - rather, I'm curious as to the methodology by which non-baryonic matter could be gained. I'm sure I shall post seeking clarity on this subject later, but as a brief summation - could not non-baryonic particles be attracted by deliberately removing baryonic particles from a set space through electromagnetic manipulation (a catch-all for laymen, yes, but the best I can do at the current point) ? In any case, thanks to you all for bearing with me - I'll be here, waiting for the future's past to turn itself anew. :)
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    Welcome Scholar of Time. Please be sure to read our guidelines (the link is in the message your were sent) and choose the appropriate forum for your questions.
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