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Average distance minimization algorithm

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    This could be a well-known problem, but I looked around and I don't see anything.

    Suppose there is a set of points [tex]p_1, p_2, ... p_N[/tex]. For simplicity, assume Euclidean space of arbitrary dimensionality, but this could be any metric space.

    I need to find a new set [tex]q_1, q_2, ... q_n[/tex] of n points, where n is less than N, that "approximates" the original set by minimizing the average distance between points in the original set & the new set.

    In other words, I need to minimize

    [tex]\sum_1^{i=N} \min_1^{j=n} |p_i-q_j|[/tex]

    There's an obvious brute-force solution, but complexity [tex]n^N[/tex] makes it completely useless for large N, which could be 1000 or more. I can cook up an iterative algorithm that gives me a local minimum in a reasonable amount of time, but I have no confidence that the local minimum will be anywhere near the global minimum.

    Can this problem be solved exactly in polynomial time?
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