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Average Force

  1. Jun 1, 2010 #1
    Part 1.) 1.35g bullet leaves the barrel of the gun going 270m/s. What is its kinetic Energy?
    -I converted 1.35 g to kg = 0.00135g
    -I arrived with an answer of 49.2075 J

    Part 2.) If the length of the barrel of the gun described above is 35cm, find the average force exerted on the bullet to move it the length of the barrel.

    What I had attempted to do is Mass X Velocity/ 35 cm
    -im not sure if thats the way to find avergae force, because other examples ive seen its divided by time.

    thank you for looking at this for me
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    You know the total energy is the kinetic energy right? The work done by a force is just force*distance.
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    im sorry, i understand what your saying but i need an thorough explanation
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    If you assume no losses due to friction, then by conservation of mechanical energy, shouldn't the work done = change in kinetic energy?
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