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Average net force

  1. Nov 21, 2008 #1
    This is just a general question- Given a beginning and ending velocity, and distance that the object travels, would the average net force be the change in kinetic energy divided by the distance? (Using energy methods only)
    I think I've also seen avg force calculated with momentum...
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    There are (at least) two sorts of average you can take:

    If you want to calculate a force averaged over *distance*, you can use the change in kinetic energy, divided by distance: Work =\delta E=F_average * d

    If you want to calculate an average over *time*, then that would be given by the change in momentum, divided by the total time: impulse=\delta P= F_average * T
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    so Kef-Kei/d right?
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    ah i see- "average" is really misleading b/c u dont add the two numbers..
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