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Homework Help: Average speed that you observe for the button as it falls

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    You are at an airport watching people go by on a "people mover" conveyer belt that moves at a constant speed of 0.60m/s. As a person goes by, they drop a button from a height of 1.2m. What is the average speed that you observe for the button as it falls to the ground?

    well i have:
    v=0.60 m/s
    a = 0

    so i'll use this formula:

    V^2=v(0)^2 +2a(x-x(0))

    well a is 0 so the right side cancels to zero.

    and v(0) = 0.60

    so that means the answer is 0.60m/s, but it's incorrectly. the answer should be 2.5m/s. can someone tell me what i'm doing wrong?
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    Where's the movement in the y direction?
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    that's the whole question. what do you mean by in the y direction? isnt this just a 1-D problem?
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    [tex]v_{avg} = \frac {\int _0 ^T [v_x^2(t) + v_y^2(t)]^{1/2}dt }{T} [/tex]
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