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Homework Help: Average velocity during impact

  1. Nov 10, 2005 #1
    A boy with a weight of 70 kg jumps down from a 3 meter high tree. His velocity on impact I have found to be 7,68 m/s and the impulse is 536,7kg*m/s. Now I need to find the average velocity during impact. What formula do I have to use?
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    What's the definition of average velocity?
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    I suppose, if acceleration is constant, then:

    vave. = (v1 + v0)/2

    An important point I'd like to raise here:

    Weight is a force, therefore it has the units of Newtons. Obviously the man doesn't have a mass of 7kg so I can only assume the his weight is 700N (with g = 10ms-2).

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