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Averaging in tthe frequency domain

  1. Sep 7, 2011 #1
    I have several Power Spectrua that I want to average into a single representative power spectrum. Then, I have to analize the amplitude spectrum of the average (i.e. sqrt(power spectrum))
    Doing that doesn't give the same result as averaging the amplitude spectrums.

    Supose I have tho spectrums that I want to average, each having one datapoint , whose power are A and B, respectively. a and b are the square roots of A and B, so


    Method 1:
    sqrt{ (A+B)/2 }= sqrt{ (a^2+b^2)/2 }

    Method 2:

    I suspect that I'm coliding with Schwarz innequality (or triangular inequality)

    What do you recommend me to progress in my ferequency domain analisis???

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