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AVG antivirus help

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    I have some troubles with AVG. When I download it, it is always installed in my native language, how can I install it in English? And I cannot find quarantine folder. Version is 17. I read a help file but it was different. Would you help me?

    Thank you.
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    This may work. Delete AVG. Change native language in browser to English. Download AVG. Change native language back to what you want.
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    From AVG / Options / Help contents / Index / Find ' language '

    Language selection :

    To change the display language of AVG, choose from the drop-down menu and click OK. After restarting AVG, the whole application will be displayed in the selected language.

    Usually the drop-down menu will only offer English, or English and one other language (the one you selected during installation). To add a new language to the list, you need to run the https://www.physicsforums.com/main_reinstallation_of_avg.htm [Broken] of AVG in the Custom mode, and add the required languages in the Additional Languages section.
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    Not sure what you mean by quarantine folder . All suspicious material is sent to the virus vault which you can visit via the Options menu .
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