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Avoiding electronics as a photonical engineer

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    I've just been browsing the courses I'm going to get here in Ghent if I apply for photonics next year. There's one major subject at least that revolves around electronics, sensors, actuators etc.

    Now: I really really hate electronics. Really. I'm not really practical with them, probably because my spatial memory is awful. But I love love love photonics.... so I was wondering, is there any way I can continue studying photonics, without having to learn too much of that electronic stuff.... I'm willing to struggle myself through it all, but will I need it a lot in my future career, or are there ways to avoid such a thing?
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    Do you study at the university of Ghent ?

    i went there also. I suppose you study burgerlijk ingenieur natuurkunde : optie photonica...

    ps : if you are not really into electronics, i suggest you go for the solid state part or the computational physics part (like QM ab initio calculations or visualization technology)

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    how about doing your master thesis here : http://www.imec.be/

    this is where i do my phd...you can check out several options in the field on this site

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    As general advise, it is usually very important to have strong basics in electronics - especially if you want to work in experimental condensed matter physics. Inevitably, you will find that you may need to build, fix, design or even simply buy the right electronic components for a piece of instrumentation.
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    Besides, what an engineer calls electronics is what a physicist calls solid state physics combined with Electrodynamics

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    I don't know, photonics seems to be my kind of thing... maybe I should just get past my laziness... and the terrible teaching of Van Calster (if you studied at Ghent that might ring a bell marlon?).
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    Tsunami, are you Tijl or Jens ?

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    Tijl Schmelzer? Ken ik wel... en Jens kan ik ook wel apprecieren...
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    euuh, wat is uw naam. Ik denk niet dat ik U ken...

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